From Dr Alex Andrew, past Director-General

At the recent Fifteenth Congress of the World Organisation of Systems and Cybernetics, in Nanjing, I confirmed my wish to stand down from the position of Director-General of WOSC, and welcomed Professor Raul Espejo who agreed to take over, with approval of the other WOSC officers.  I am sure he will steer WOSC well and more vigorously than I have done.  There are already plans for the 2014 Congress to be held in Santiago, Chile.  He can be contacted at and some further details are on the WOSC website at and his own at , and there is a brief CV at


I wish him well in his new role.  I am glad to relinquish it, partly because I am at an age where I want to reduce commitments, and also because organisation is far from being my metier.

these are words of past director